Provide energy-saving system renovation solutions for electric motors as a service provider!

Jiangsu Ruisman Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful "paradise" of Suzhou. It is an innovative professional technical team with independent intellectual property 

rights and focuses on motor energy efficiency upgrading; The company deeply implements the scientific development concept and innovation driven development strategy, embarks on 

a path of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, with the comprehensive application of high technology as the core, saving resources and energy, protecting the environment

 as the characteristics, and advocating green manufacturing and circular economy as the main theme. The main energy-saving technologies and products include "low efficiency motor 

permanent magnetization remanufacturing technology" and "motor energy-saving intelligent monitoring system".

Suzhou Ruisman Machinery Co., Ltd. is an outstanding professional sales and maintenance company in China. The company provides diversified after-sales maintenance services to the whole 

society and actively undertakes service outsourcing business for various factory equipment. Collaborating with multiple well-known motor manufacturers, we handle on-site and outsourced 

emergency repair services for air compressor motors. We are a professional designated maintenance provider for multiple internationally renowned brand air compressor motors.


Qualifications honors

Based on maintenance, not only maintenance, but also energy-saving system transformation and upgrading plan

company product

Dedicated to upgrading motor energy efficiency with independent intellectual property rights

Project Process

Tailored optimization plans based on project characteristics to help customers achieve greater profitability


Company NEWS

Real time monitoring of new industry information, providing professional services and industry news to customers.

An innovative professional technical team with independent intellectual property rights, focusing on upgrading motor energy efficiency


Contact person: Wang Yun

mobile phone:15806202008





Address: 9th Floor, Zhongqi Zero Building, Aigehao Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City

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